Have you been rejected by your Doctor for your pain medication or chronic pain issues? Are you dissatisfied with your current pain management program?
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Of all of the subjects to be involved with in hypnosis this is the one that is the most sensitive and the most complex.

Hypnosis holds the potential to be an adjunct to what you are doing now.
It is not a replacement.
That means that if you are on pain medications you stay on them.
Ditto for seeing the Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Herbologist, Witch Doctor etc.

Like I said on the FAQ page you have to meet the standards of what it takes to learn to be hypnotized, hence the statement above of it being a potential adjunct.
If you can learn it, it will help you.

Why hypnosis is valuable as an adjunct to the therapy you are currently using is that it is able to make your mind and body cooperate more with what you are doing and have the results of what you are doing be of greater effect.

You can learn with hypnosis how to:
1) become more sensitive to the pain medications you are using so you can use less.
2) perform techniques that make the Chiropractic adjustments last longer.
3) make the herbs (not dope) you consume have a greater and longer lasting effect.
4) temporarily anesthetize parts of your body.
5) on the Witch Doctor side I'm not so sure. Depends on the type of sacrifice being done, where they stick the pins in the dolls, the quality of the eye of newt and toe of frog they put in their boiling black cauldron etc. These people are generally unpredictable to work with.

Marijuana use and recreational drug use.
I suspect there are about a million different opinions on marijuana and how it should or should not be involved in peoples chronic pain treatment scenarios.

It has a tremendously pernicous effect on peoples drive and ambition for sure and I think it should be avoided for that very reason alone.

Recreational Drug use.
I ask people who have this issue to involve me after they have retained the services of an addiction professional so I can work alongside that professional.

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